Welcome to ripples

Hello everyone and welcome to this other side of Ripples. 😊 I’m eager to share with you in this forum various stories of the work I do, the behind the scenes and also more importantly the various benefits of getting branded to increase visibility of your business and ideas — a topic that comes up frequently when I speak with small and medium business owners.

The world is Branding

Its been noticed that the normal go-to way of getting customers and striking a conversation about what you do (lots and lots of advertising) no longer work as effectively as they once did. The world really is getting branded and in my opinion lets go along with it. I mean its the voice of the crowd. Wearing a branded garment that carries your company logo is an all too easy signage you get to carry around and advertise literately for free. It gets the conversation going. The quality of what you wear speaks a bit about your business and person. Its just what I have found and I think I believe that.

What you would expect

The Ripples blog would initially introduce you all to my world, my stories, how I got here and I would also be sharing interesting jobs I have done or currently doing, what’s new in the print world, places I go and all sorts of fun stuff.

I would really love you all to go on this journey with me

Again welcome and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this conversation.


Ola Adeyemi


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