So You think Coffee mugs and coasters are overrated?

This article might really be more suited for owners of bars, coffee shops and restaurants really I’m pretty sure it also applies to everyone that owns a brand they are proud of.

A couple of months back, I went down south to visit a friend and we walked into a cafe. You know, for a chat & catch up. It had been a while since we saw each other and we had so much to catch up on 😊 so, obviously, we ordered some little munchies and cups of latte ( or in my case a Hot chocolate; I’m an addict). After ordering the second cup of hot chocolate it struck me that the drink was so tasty and well made! Then, I noticed the printing on the mug and it said “Cadbury” and immediately I was like “no wonder,  we all know Cadbury drinks are good” so I relished my drink even more. I soon started to notice that the coasters had the same branding.

At the time I actually thought little of it. It was only a few weeks later when I bought some Cadbury’s hot chocolate from the shops and prepared it that I noticed it just didn’t taste the same. I went and bought a few different types but still no luck. So, what could be wrong? Well I didn’t need to think about it too deeply to realise the issue and to understand why the Cafe must have totally nailed it.

Lets look at some of the different factors that could have contributed to this:

1) They would obviously have a much more sophisticated machine making the drink.

2) Some special milk used maybe??

3) The Barista must be so good at making hot chocolate!

Well these could all be valid things that turned a normal hot chocolate into a masterpiece but, considering things further  I actually realised that I just couldn’t remember the name of the Cafe! I tried and tried. I even called my friend and she couldn’t remember the name either! I mean it’s now been over a year and it was just that one time we went in there but how come I could remember the Cadbury’s branding that  I saw on the mug, on the coaster and even on a poster they put up telling us they serve fine Cadbury drinks etc.

But nothing to promote their own brand when, in fact, they were the ones who made that Cadbury’s drink taste so good that day!

That was when it hit me; what a missed opportunity. On the flip side, I could be promoting their brand right now and they might even have a branch close to where I live. But how would I know?

How branding on coffee mugs and coasters works

If you own a business then personalised drink coasters or mugs/cups etc which are custom printed with your amazing logo or tag line are perfect giveaways for your customers. In the case of the food and drink industry, you get to use it right there and then and even take it back (no brainer right?!?).

These things are a low key yet extremely effective marketing tool for everyone who walks in through your door or comes into contact with your brand. And, it’s not just the lower end of the range but quality brands benefit from this as well.

It’s free advertising. Try it and thank me later.

Give us a call and we can get you some high end mugs, branded for your business with low minimum order quantities.

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