Ripples Prints Launches Clothing Project to Support AberNecessities

We here at Ripples Prints recently launched an initiative to support local charity, AberNecessities. The project, called Family First, was created by the founder of Ripples Prints, Ola Adeyemi. Ola is producing t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring a variety of Family First logos.

Having launched on Monday, July 20th, the project is still very much up and going and will donate 10% of proceeds to AberNecessities, who are a charity supporting families from disadvantaged backgrounds across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Since its inception, the project has already successfully sold 131 garments, raising over £250 for charity.

Ola started Family First as a means of giving back to her local community. As a working mother, she was really touched by her family reaching out to her and supporting her when she was struggling to balance life, work and her children during lockdown. Because of these experiences, she created the Family First project to support a charity which helps provide for families who struggle to meet their children’s needs.

The Ripples Prints team has been blown away by the amount of family, friends and locals who have been supportive of this initiative and are allowing it to succeed. While reaching unprecedented numbers on her social media and sales soaring on Etsy, she just has one wish – to raise as much as possible for the families around us in need.

If you are touched by Ola’s story or are interested in supporting the Family First project, please do not hesitate to visit the Etsy shop set up.

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