Ripples For Schools – Everything You Need to Know

We have been working hard behind-the-scenes to set up our latest service, Ripples For Schools . You may have seen our posts about it lately, asking parents to share it with schools in order for them to sign up. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry! We are writing this blog post to explain any questions you may have. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

What is Ripples For Schools?

Simply put, Ripples For Schools is a website that allows schools to sign up, upload all of their uniform needs and parents can then order directly from the platform. It is a solution-based service with quick turnaround times for schools. We offer embroidery and printing services for large orders on hoodies, jackets, cardigans, book bags and much more!

Benefits for schools and parents

So why was this platform created and what are it’s benefits?

Ripples For Schools aims to bypass all of the time-consuming and overly complicated administrative work that schools and parents deal with when ordering their uniforms. Children grow quickly and if you need new uniforms annually, there should be a faster way to handle this process! By unifying the clothing suppliers, printing and embroidery work and order handling under Ripples Prints, we are able to cut down on not only delivery times but make the process all-around much simpler for parents and schools.

Once signed up with us, schools would no longer need to worry about the constant contact and handling of any orders. Parents too, could simply order from us and receive their desired garments delivered TO THEIR DOORSTEP. (Please make this bold if possible, if not, keep in all caps!) Alternatively, free delivery is available if parents order for collection at schools.

Getting samples

We are currently using the Russell brand for all uniforms. A sample pack including a polo shirt, sweatshirt and a jacket will be sent out to schools when they sign up to make sure that the quality and material is up to their standard. The Russell brand provides clothing that are hard-wearing, good for the wash and any embroidery and printing work stays on. Schools will be able to pick their colours and any designs necessary for branding to personalise their uniforms.

Signing up

Signing up to Ripples For Schools is very simple. You can get in contact with us by calling 01224 973009 or send us an email registering your interest at You may also send us a message through our Ripples For Schools website here:

If you think your school may benefit from this service, please share this article with them or any of our social media posts!

For more information on Ripples For Schools, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us whether you’re a parent or a school representative! We would absolutely love to help with your uniform needs!

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