New Kids on the Block

Hello guys.

There is something I have wanted to share with you for a while now. In the midst of all that is going on around us, it’ll be nice to get some good news out there, in my own little way.

Over the years, we have worked hard to grow as a business, and I believe that our work speaks for itself. The joy of satisfying our customers drives us to challenge ourselves to provide the best services this industry can offer, and this drive has opened the door for new additions to our branding service.

Drumroll please . . .


Figure 1 – In House Screen Printing Press

With our screen-printing press, we can efficiently provide bulk printing services that are cost-effective, which can be used on different varieties of materials including textiles, wood, and a whole lot more. The exciting bit for us here, is the fact that because we now offer this in house, we can turn around jobs quicker and not only cater to individual clients but also to similar companies in the industry who do not offer this in-house.

The quality of the prints is of a higher standard which in turn is more durable, especially for products that are intended to last over a long-term. So, for your cost-efficient, high-quality bulk printing, our screen-printing press will rise to the occasion.

If you notice the ‘kids’ in the title, you’ll realise there’s more:

Figure 2 – Screen printing LED Conveyor Dryer

Our very own Screen-Printing LED Conveyor Dryer. This efficiently caters to increased production and faster turnaround times that characterises Screen Printing services. it goes hand in hand with our press.

We are very proud of this growth step and we look forward to the satisfaction we will offer our customers as we continue to push the boundaries of the services we provide.

Want to see our new ‘kids’ in action? Check them out on our Instagram and Facebook pages by clicking HERE or HERE, and you’re sure to be amazed!

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