Ever Wondered Why The Name Ripples?

I have always know that there is so much importance and power behind a name. Most times we name things based on feelings, circumstances and also foresight really.

So just wanted to take you on a memory lane with me. Some years back when my Husband and I decided to start a company we knew we had to get a name. He kindly gave me the honour of choosing a name for it and then I searched and thought how will I even know what name to choose. So I was walking to work and came across a little puddle of water I think and some stone dropped on it and I stood there looking at this puddle grow bigger and bigger I.e the effect of the stone dropping in it. It gave it a ripple and I thought all that had to happen to make this puddle get my attention is the fact that a stone dropped in it and gave it that ripple effect.

Then I thought to myself. More like the light bulb moment you may say. We want to start this company with just a little budget and really don’t know how big this will become but it was my dream to make something big out of it. And that’s when it hit me. “RIPPLES” we start small to grow big. I got so pumped up about it. We have a good bit of different things but we now have a clear picture.

And fast forward to now. The power behind a name is working just now. We are nowhere near we want to be but we are not where we used to be.  We started extremely small and we are well on our way to growing bigger and better.

It is our hope and dream that whatever we do, we give you the ripple effect.

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