6th March 2018

Ever Wondered Why The Name Ripples?

I have always know that there is so much importance and power behind a name. Most times we name things based on feelings, circumstances and also […]
28th February 2018

So You think Coffee mugs and coasters are overrated?

This article might really be more suited for owners of bars, coffee shops and restaurants really I’m pretty sure it also applies to everyone that owns […]
21st February 2018

How to Choose a Good T-Shirt

Ok, so I’m obsessed with good quality T-shirts. It’s so amazing because there are tons of different blends and brands out there. I can totally geek […]
8th February 2018

Freebies? At What Cost?

What your brand says about you is, basically, one of the most important aspect of your business. Its true that people love freebies but they don’t […]